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Computer Planet is the UKs premiere custom computer system builder. Our clients place orders via our website, and fulfillment is executed in our North Western UK facility. The Computer Planet team is a group of competent and dedicated professionals with years of experience within the IT industry. Computer Planet is a proudly accredited member of The PC Association, ISIS and IDIS & LinkedIn

 What do we offer?

Computer Planet offers custom built desktop computer systems for business, gaming, and home applications. All of our systems are custom built to meet the exact specifications you request. This allows you to save money as we do not sell you anything you do not need. Computer Planet only use parts from industry leading manufacturers such as Asus, Seagate, and Samsung; so you can be assured you will be getting "the best custom computer on the planet!"

The Computer Planet website lets you select from a variety of pre-designed computer systems which gives you the option to simply purchase an existing computer setup (This is ideal for people who are not the most knowledgeable with computers), or you may choose to tailor a computer to your specific needs. Our advanced system builder gives you the freedom to design your PC from square one by choosing each component from our extensive selection of parts.

All computer systems produced by Computer Planet are fully assembled, installed and tested to the highest standard. We also offer delivery in the UK & Europe.

 Why Computer Planet?

There are hundreds of computer companies to choose from...why make your computer purchase from us? We have taken the time to summarize some of the reasons why we believe we are your best choice. Please click HERE to learn more.

 Where do I start?

If you know specifically what you want and are familiar with all the parts that make up a PC, click HERE to start designing your PC. Otherwise click here to find a pre-designed PC template which you can easily customize.

Our system builder will help you to easily customize any component of the PC and will give you an instant price. If you need help selecting parts for your PC, please feel free to contact us or use our buyers guide which provides a variety of resources and further detailed information.

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Terms & Conditions

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