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Lets be honest, we all love gaming and some of us spend all of our free time worshipping our PCs ability to max out game settings for the ultimate gaming experience. However, for most people gaming isnt truly felt, like it should be, when you are having to drop to the lowest graphics settings and you still find issues with loading times and jerky gameplay.

Our selection of Gaming PCs have been put into sections depending on price, offers and quality!

Affordable and powerful gaming computers between £300 & £1000
Extreme gaming computers between £1200 & £3000 for ultimate gaming.
Possibly the best gaming computer in the UK for £999 during July only.
Extreme NVIDIA SLI gaming computers between £1200 & £5000
CrossFire computers between £1000 & £2500 with dual graphics cards.
Mini SFF gaming computers between £600 & £1500 for space savings PCs.
Complete computers with monitor, keyboard & mouse between £600 & £900
Here at Computer planet you can find the perfect gaming PC for getting the most, and we certainly mean the most, out of your gaming sessions. We have budget PCs built for gaming and for those who want a high spec PC but still want some money left over to buy the latest releases, extreme gaming computers for gamers who want it all, GeForce Gaming PCs with the NVIDIA GTX graphics cards that wont let you down and for those itching to get playing their newest game we have the Next Day Gaming computers delivered to your door in just 24 hours!