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Bio: Computer Planet are one of the UK's more experienced custom PC builders from 2006 we have built over 75,000 custom built computers. Using our advanced online PC configurator customers can design a PC exactly to the specification they want. We fully build, test & deliver the PC anywhere in the UK & EU.

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Gaming PC VS Gaming Console

GAMING PC VS GAMING CONSOLE The mind-boggling feud between gaming PCs and consoles is as old as time itself (not really!). Although no one side has declared unambiguous superiority over


Every gaming enthusiast has heard about the term ‘overclocking.’ After all, it is one of the easiest methods of increasing the performance of your PC. However, the word itself looks

PC Monitor Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about computer monitors People usually invest all their capital into building a capable gaming computer. But the majority of the money goes into the CPU

Which PC for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers?

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Early Release Version Police Simulator is one of the latest simulation games in 2021 and what looks to be the most popular out of any

Which NVIDIA 30-Series graphics card should I buy in 2021?

Which NVIDIA 30-Series Graphics card should I buy? A GPU is the heart of a gaming PC, and every gamer harbors a dream of outfitting their PC with the best

Which PC for American Truck Simulator?

American Truck Simulator PC Requirements in 2021 American Truck Simulator is a popular truck simulation game released 5 years ago and available on Steam for PC and follows on from

Should I use my gaming PC to mine bitcoin?

With the growing interest in earning cryptocurrency, people have started mining bitcoin to get some of it. But this is not as simple as it sounds because you need to

How do gaming PCs differ from regular PCs?

You might have thought about this question often. What is it actually that sets the gaming PCs apart from normal ones? Why do some PCs cost thousands, but your neighbor

Intel ready to release Xe-HPG DG2 gaming GPU

The long awaited Intel’s gaming-focused Xe-HPG DG2 graphics card which had been in oven for a while now, with numerous leaks which continuing to spin the rumour mill will eventually

FIFA 21 – PC Hardware Requirements & Review

FIFA 21 is one of those yearly releases that people always expect to be good, interesting and fun. An updated roster is obviously expected every year, but at the same

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