Build Your Own Flight Simulator PC

Start to design your Flight Sim PC by choosing the which processor type you would like.

Rocket Lake


I WANT TO SPEND £500-£2000
  • Supporting the latest Intel 11th Gen CPUs.
  • Supports DDR4 RAM, M.2, SSD, HDD, USB3, SLI.
  • The most popular platform for high performance PCs



I WANT TO SPEND £1500-£5000
  • Supporting the latest Intel i9 X299 CPUs.
  • Supports DDR4, M.2, SSD, HDD, USB3, SLI.
  • Extreme performance using the most powerful components.



I WANT TO SPEND £500-£1500
  • Supporting the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs.
  • Supports DDR4, M.2, SSD, HDD, USB3.
  • Most popular & powerful AMD based platform for builds under £1000.



I WANT TO SPEND £1200-£5000
  • Latest AMD Threadripper
  • Supports DDR4, M.2, SSD, HDD, USB3.
  • Most Powerful AMD CPUs with 16 Cores.



Build Your Own Flight Simulator PC

If you like playing PC games, then you need a powerful PC that can handle the requirements of the game and is built with reliable components. However, a Flight Simulator is a bit different because it is designed to bring in a lot of simulation and plenty of complex components. Which is why it can be a bit challenging to build your own flight simulation PC. Not only does it deliver incredible results, but the value itself is second to none. And yes, you get to create a powerful simulation PC according to your own needs and requirements.

What is the focus when you build a Flight Simulator PC?

The most important thing is the processor since these games are known to be very CPU-heavy. There is a lot of data to process, especially when it comes to a game like the latest Flight Simulator. They process a ton of data, and that makes it harder for an older CPU to bring you all the details you want in real time.

Then you need a powerful graphics card. Not all Flight Simulators are GPU-intensive, but the ones that are worth playing like FSX are very realistic and will require a good graphics card.

It is also recommended to have fast storage for a Flight Simulator PC. There is a lot of data that needs to be loaded fast, so you do need the fastest storage that you can get for this, and it will be totally worth it every time. Storage drives are very competitively priced now with M.2 being the fastest by far and perfect for a FSX PC.

We recommend, and Intel based system for FSX. Intel i5 for entry level and i7 or i9 for high performance.

Build a fast, incredible Flight Simulator PC

Here at Computer Planet, we are always ready and excited to provide you with all the components you need for proper flight simulation. It is our commitment to bring in some incredible, unique, and powerful solutions that you can always rely on. Just make sure that you give it a try for yourself and pick the right components according to your own requirements. We guarantee you will be incredibly impressed with the results and experience!

A good Flight Simulator PC can truly help bring in the ultimate simulation and incredible framerates for complete immersion. All you must do is to check it out for yourself, and you will find it to be an incredible option that you do not want to miss. We are always ready to help, so if you have any changes or inquiries, our team is always more than happy to offer the support and assistance you need!


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