Design Your Own Photo / Video Editing PC

Photo / Video Editing PC

Photo / Video Editing PC

Powerful Graphics and Fast Storage are key components of a Photo or Video Editing PC. Choose from the processors below to get started with our advanced PC builder to design the your perfect PC. Remember, we are here to help you along the way if you have any questions or want advice on how to get the most out of your new PC. Once you’ve finished, our team of professionals will build, test, and configure your PC for you.

Recommended For Budgets
£500 – £1000


  • – New AMD Chipset & Socket AM4 – DDR4 RAM Up to 64 GB MHZ – USB3, 4 & 8 Core CPUs Supported – High Performance & Great Value
Kaby Lake
Recommended For Budgets
£750 – £3000

  • – Intel Z270 Chipset & Socket 1151 – DDR4 RAM Up to 64 GB 3000 MHZ – SLI, VR, USB3, 4 Core CPUs Supported – Ultimate Performance
Intel Extreme X
Recommended For Budgets
£1500 – £5000


  • – Intel X299 Chipset & Socket 2066 – DDR4 RAM Up to 128 GB 3600 MHZ – SLI, VR, USB3, 4,6,8,10 Core CPUs Supported – Ultimate Performance

Our design your own Photo & Video Editing PC builder allows you to design your perfect PC for programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Elements in 5 simple steps by picking all the parts. We then fully built, test & deliver the PC to anywhere in the UK and Europe at no extra cost.

The BETTER platform is powered by Intel Skylake older CPUs at low prices.

The BEST platform is recommended for computers between £1000 to £2500. It’s using new Intel i7 Kaby Lake CPUs which offer extreme performance and the latest technology.

The Ultimate platform is for extreme computers powered by new Intel Extreme X CPUs supporting upto 128 GB RAM this platform is designed for ULTIMATE performance.

If you need further help selecting which platform is for you then contact our experts or view our range of pre designed Editing PCs.