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  • - BitFenix Prodigy - Black
  • - Intel i3 6100 - (2 x 3.7 GHZ) - Skylake
  • - Intel Heatsink & Fan - Low Noise
  • - Standard CPU Compound Supplied With Heatsink
  • - None or Motherboard Integrated Graphics
  • - Corsair 350W PSU - Low Noise
  • - Asus B150I Pro Gaming Aura (Intel B150) - Mini-ITX
  • - Motherboard Integrated Wireless Adapter & Ethernet Lan 10/100/1000
  • - Motherboard Integrated HD Sound
  • - Built & Tested CP

Mini ITX - Intel Skylake - PC Builder

OK. It's time to get going. Your perfect computer is just six simple steps away.

The core components are the building blocks of your system. Mostly, they control the speed your computer operates at. Apart from the case, of course, which makes it look great and keeps your components cool.
There are two areas to think about here, practical and technical. The practical issues are how it looks, (colour, style, finish/shine, side windows and internal lighting) and whether it will fit under your desk. Technical issues include the size, heat and power issues. Economy cases disperse heat through the PSU which can get noisy, better cases have more but quieter fans, more internal space for better air flow and more room for future upgrades.
Processor or CPU manufacturers are constantly trying to beat each others products so new faster products are being announced all the time. You need to consider what you want to use the computer for and how long you want to keep it. If you want high performance for gaming and video editing go for the top of the range. For home and office use, choose a mid-range processor type and don't go for the slowest edition.

Our overclocked CPU options allow the CPU to run at faster speeds. These CPUs cost more and require additional case cooler and a better CPU cooler.
Thermal paste is used to create a heat conducting medium between your heatsink and processor/chip. This aids in the maximum possible heat transfer away from your chip and into the heat sink. Allowing your chip to run as cool as possible and hence allows your heat sink to do what it is meant to do.

For most people the standard compound which is provided with the heatsink is good enough.

Arctic Freezer 7, 13 and i30 heatsinks come with Arctic Cooling MX-2 High Performance Compound as standard.
Shortage of memory is the most common reason for a system slowing down. With Windows 7 your system will barely stagger along with 2 GB. It will work steadily with 4GB but ideally you should go for 8GB. Gaming will run fine with 8 GB but 16 GB will future proof the PC. 32 GB won't have any benefit for gaming PCs.
All graphics cards will support 2 monitors. Higher models will support 3 and 4 monitors. If your looking to play games you should buy the best card you can on your budget. If it's for general usage a basic card will be fine.

We supply unbranded GTX graphics card and an MSI card for each GTX model. The unbranded cards have the standard specification from NVIDIA and usually Zotac or Gigabyte branded but subject to stock at the time of ordering. MSI GTX cards are overclocked models with advanced cooling options and silent game play during low loads. The MSI cards cost more but give better performance, better looks and less fan noise.
The Power Supply Unit (PSU) feeds power to all the components in your system. The power output needs to be enough to drive all the components that you have chosen. 350W is enough for a basic system, but add a big CPU and graphics card, more drives, etc. and you need a lot more power. Invest in a better PSU for smoother power output, quieter operation and a more reliable system.

(Modular) PSUs
Modular PSUs are designed to only connect the cables to the PSU that you need. This makes the build look cleaner and the air flow better.

Corsair RX PSUs
The most reliable PSUs that we offer. These PSUs run in silent mode with no fan noise until the PSU is at 40% load. If you need silent operation and an ultra reliable PSU with a 5 year warranty then this is the right option for your PC.
Choosing a good motherboard is important as the motherboard links all your other components together.

You can click the information icon next to the motherboard models to view all the details of the motherboard.

Upgrading the motherboard gives you more features such as a more USB ports, more PCI-E slots to add expansion cards.
You can choose here what type of network connector you need for your PC to access the internet and network. The standard ethernet lan port is built into the motherboard and included on all systems. If you need wireless you can choose from the other 3 options which will be an addition to the onboard ethernet lan port.
All motherboards come with 5.1 HD surround sound built in. Higher spec motherboards will offer better quality sound and 7.1 sound.

If you want the best quality sound for gaming then select a sound card.

We only recommend buying a dedicated sound card if you already own or plan to buy good quality headphones or speakers.