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You can use our advanced custom PC builder online but if you are not sure what type of parts you need then you can use the following form to tell us your requirements and we will create the perfect specification and email you a quote back within a few hours.

What do you need?

 Base Unit Base Unit + Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse Base Unit + Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse + Speakers

What will you be using the PC for?

 Basic Gaming Extreme Gaming Video & Music Streaming Photo & Video Editing Web Surfing CAD Workstation Office Work Other

What version of Windows do you want?

 None Windows 7 Windows 10 (Most Popular)

What kind of case do you want?

 Clean style case Clean style case with internal sound proofing for noise reduction Gaming style case with a window Gaming style case with a window and lights

How do you want to connect to the Internet?

 Wireless Wired by Ethernet Cable

How much do you want to spend?

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