Gaming PCs Under £500

Gaming PCs Under £500

Gaming PCs Under £500

If your budget is £500 and you want to buy a gaming PC without the monitor, we recommend an AMD based PC. Intel based motherboards and CPUs are more expensive. A £500 gaming PC will therefore give you more performance with an AMD based CPU rather than an Intel based CPU. For a gaming PC, without a monitor, keyboard and mouse, £500 will get you a powerful mid-range PC that will be able to play all the latest games with great quality graphics in HD and 4K.

All our systems are fully built, cabled, tested, installed, configured, tweaked and ready to go when you take delivery.

The Parts

Computer Case – We offer a full range of cases from £25 to £250. We suggest selecting an entry level case. When on a budget it’s better to spend the money on the core components that will make the PC fast. You can always upgrade the case in the future.

CPU – We suggest AMD A Series or AMD FX. This range of CPUs will offer you high performance at a low cost.

CPU Cooling – AMD CPUs do produce more heat than Intel CPUs. The standard cooler is free as it comes with the CPU. If you want to lower the noise and heat then we would suggest the Cooler Master Hyper 103. We do not recommend spending more as this will take too much out of the budget.

Memory – We recommend 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. 4 GB ram is not enough to support Windows and to run games on levels good enough to make it worth playing. 16 GB of RAM will give you a little more space in the future and better performance, but we suggest starting with 8GB on the £500 based PC. It’s easy and cheap to upgrade to 16 GB in the future.

Motherboard – We recommend choosing the standard Gigabyte 760G motherboard. This board offers you support for 16 GB RAM, USB2 and USB3. Going to higher model motherboards will give you more ports and expansion slots, but when the budget is £500 and the goal is to get the best performance gaming PC, the money needs to be saved for the graphics card rather than a higher level motherboard.

Graphics Card – We recommend the NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti 2 GB. This is a powerful mid performance graphics card, fully supporting HD and 4K, which will play old and new games without any problems. Benchmarks to show performance are shown below.

Power Supply – We recommend the Corsair 650W. This PSU is more than you need for the base spec allowing you to easily upgrade the graphics card in the future without the big job of having to re cable the entire PC. Corsair power supplies come with 3 years warranty and are built to be reliable. You can easily find other system builders who will offer you a higher wattage PSU for half the price. This looks good at first but they are cheap for a reason – more heat, more noise, cheaper components inside and more likely to burnout after a few months. A reliable, low noise Corsair power supply is a wise investment.

Hard Drive / SSD – The operating system (Windows) should be installed on the fastest drive in the PC. We recommend a 250 GB SSD drive which gives you ultra-fast read and write times that will make starting the PC super quick and allow games to load and run much faster. Solid state drives are available from 120 GB up to 2 TB, but based on a creating a £500 gaming PC, the best value SSD is 250 GB. The operating system will use and reserve around 40 GB. Which leaves you with 210 GB to install the most popular games and applications. If you need more storage space now or in the future you can add a secondary regular mechanical drive. These range in size from 1 TB to 6 TB. Prices are currently low on storage drives with 2 TB (2000 GB) being the best value. You should aim to manage your installs and games to put your most used titles on the SSD and less important files that don’t need super speed on the secondary storage drive.

Optical Drive – DVD Re Writers cost less than £10. Nearly all games are available to buy and download now, but if you have older games or DVDs then you will need a DVD drive in your PC. Our standard DVD drive will read and write all types of DVD and CD.

Networking – All motherboards include a Gigabit ethernet port to connect a wired network cable for internet access. If it’s possible to use an ethernet cable from your router then we recommend this option as it is most reliable and faster. If you need to use a wireless connection to the internet, then you will need to add a wireless card. For further help on selecting the right wireless card for you, please see our wifi buying guide.

Operating System – We recommend Windows 10 for all systems. It is faster, more reliable and fully supports all the latest hardware that is currently available and coming out in the near future. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are still available to purchase if you have a specific reason or personal preference to have either of these. They are now end of life with Microsoft which means they have a higher price due to stock shortages.

Security Software – We offer Microsoft Security Essentials as standard with every operating system.

The Benchmarks

The charts below shows average benchmarks for the GTX 750 Ti in the current most popular games.


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