How to install Windows 10

How to install Windows 10 Leave a comment

These instructions will guide you through the process of install Windows 10 from DVD or USB flash drive. For additional help see our how to video below.

1) Make sure you back up all of your files before you start the re-installation process.

2) Place your Windows 10 disc in your PC or USB flash drive containing Windows install media.

3) Restart your PC and launch the boot menu. Depending on your motherboard you need to keep pressing F12 on a Gigabyte motherboard or F8 on an ASUS motherboard to launch the boot menu.

4) Once you’re at the boot menu you need to navigate to the Windows 10 disc. Click any key on the keyboard when prompted to, this will boot the CD.

5) Navigate through the Windows 10 menu and change your date/time, language and keyboard setup.

6) Click ‘Install Now‘.

7) This will bring you to the ‘Activate Windows‘ screen, as it says if you’re re-installing Windows select ‘I don’t have a product key‘.

8) Once on the ‘Which type of installation do you want?‘ screen, click on ‘Custom Install‘ which will install Windows only. This will launch the hard-drives list.

9) Next click on ‘Drive Options (Advanced)‘ and delete every single partition in the list.

10) You will be left with one clean hard-drive. Click next and then your Windows 10 installation will start.

11) Navigate through the rest of the installation and that will take you to the Windows 10 desktop.

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