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Microsoft Flight Sim X 8 Monitor Setup How-To Video 1

I’ve just uploaded the latest video to the channel and it’s a tutorial video. In the video I show you how to play Microsoft Flight Sim X on a multi monitor setup. If you need any help or any questions answered, just drop them in the comments section below.

  • In the video i’m going to be showing you how to run Microsoft Flight Simulator X on multiple monitors.
  • You’re going to need Microsoft Flight Simulator. This can be purchased from Steam or in disc form.
  • You’re going to want monitors. We’re using 7 24″ monitors and 1 28″ monitor for the overhead panel.
  • If you do have an odd size of monitors, I recommend using the biggest monitor for your main Flight Simulator screen.
  • You want 2 or more graphics cards. We’ve got two NVIDIA 980Ti’s in our machine which are both running 4 monitors per graphics card.
  • To install the game you need to go to Steams website, download Steam and then install the game.
  • Depending on the monitors you have, you may need to get some converters for the cables. Most monitors come with VGA/DVI ports, and then the bigger monitors come with HDMI and Display Ports.
  • You’ll need a custom FSX PC that supports multiple graphics cards.
  • Right click on desktop, and click on Display. All monitors will show up, they may not be in the right order however, but this is something you will have to do manually.

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  1. Nice post author. Thank you. Keep it up.

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