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Do you build, test & Install the PC?

Our service includes fully building, installing, testing and delivering the PC to you.

Every PC is built to a high standard with extremly tidy cable work for the best possible air flow. Once the build is completed the PC goes through a series of hardware and software tests using well known diagnostic tools and bespoke tools.

All parts that came with the components in the build that were not needed for the build are set with the delivery in the event you need them in the future. Including manuals, drivers, spare screws and extra cables. As standard we do not include the original packing (boxes) from each component used in the build but for a small additional fee when you customise the PC you can select to have these included which are handy if you plan to upgrade in the future and wan’t to sell parts with the original boxes.

We install the latest version of Windows with all drivers and updates to the day of shipping.

When the PC arrives you simply plugin and start using.

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