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How long is the warranty & what do you offer?

Any PC system ordered from Computer Planet includes 2 years collect & return warranty.

This covers all components within the PC and all collection and delivery costs for a period of 2 year and any labour incurred in year 2 and 3 should that part not covered under the manufactures warranty scheme outside the 2 year period.

We also include as standard our collect and return service, meaning should the PC need to be returned our couriers will arrange to collect and return the goods to you ensuring no return carriage charges will be payable.

A selected number of component manufacturers have extended warranty schemes applicable after the 1 year parts warranty we offer has elapsed, but for added peace of mind to ensure you have cover for all components in your PC you may wish to consider our extreme warranty covering all parts in the PC for a period of 3 years regardless of the manufacturers own warranty scheme.

Service Parts Labour Collection Service Collection Time Repair Time Price
Standard 2 Year 3 Year 2 Year Next Day 5 Day FREE
Extreme 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year Next Day 5 Day £125

Manufacturers Extended Warranty

Our warranty packages apply to the complete machine as one unit. This is also backed by the full component manufactures warranty which gives you individual component warranty on selected components after the warranty service purchased with your PC has expired. For example Corsair memory has a lifetime warranty which can be returned to Computer Planet or Corsair directly. Selected other component manufacturers also have various different extended warranty schemes, some examples are in the table below:

Manufacter/Parts Period
Corsair Memory Lifetime
Intel CPU 3 Years
AMD CPU 3 Years
Gigabyte / Asus Motherboards 3 Years
Cooler Master PSU 3 Years
Corsair PSU 3 - 5 Years
XFX / Zotac / Sapphire Graphics Cards 2 Years
Asus Monitors 3 Years
Benq Monitors 3 Years
AOC Monitors 3 Years
Western Digital Hard Drives 3 Years
Corsair SSD 3 Years
Sandisk SSD 3 Years
Kingston SSD 3 Years

Advanced RMA Service

In the unfortunate event you experience a component failure, to minimalise any disruption you may not wish to return your entire PC system to Computer Planet. For example if you have 2 sticks of memory and it was diagnosed that 1 stick had failed, we can arrange to replace the faulty stick in advance! Our unique advanced RMA service allows a replacement component to be dispatched to you before the faulty component is returned, giving you the chance to then replace the component and confirm everything is working. We will then arrange to collect the faulty component from you at a time that is most convenient!

Outside UK Warranty

Our collect and return warranty service covers only the UK mainland. If you purchase a PC and have delivery outside UK mainland, you will be liable for all inbound and outbound shipping costs in the event you need to make a warranty claim.

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