What We Do

Order Production

In our state-of-the-art facility just outside Manchester we build, test, deliver and provide 2 years collect & return warranty with every PC we sell included in the price you see.

Build Process

With every custom PC order we fully build & cable tidy in a static free purpose built factory to the highest standards.

Test Process

Our process and systems are the most advanced in the UK and are highly automated to give your machine a thorough work through. The testing process alone takes around 36 hours:

1.BIOS Update & Configuration
2.Memtest Memory Test (4 Loops)
3.Pre Install Memory, CPU, Disk Test UXD (1 Hour)
4.Windows Installation with latest drivers and Windows updates.
5.PC Mark (1 Loop)
6.3D Mark Benchmark Looping (1 Hour)
7.GRID Or Trackmania Game Test (1 Hour)
8.Bioshock Game Test (1 Hour)
9.Unigine Valley GPU Benchmark Test (1 Hour)
10.Burnin testing CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD/SSD, Sound, Video Playback, USB (24 Hours)
11.Automatic reboot of the PC 50 times.
12.Windows reinstalled as a clean install with latest drivers and Windows updates.

Quality Control

During this process your PC is put through our 25 point check list to make sure everything is correct and working. If there is any error, failure, or reason we see your PC isn’t 100% perfect, we will not release it until the issue has been rectified.

Packing & Shipping

After the PC has passed quality control it’s sent to our dispatch team to be packed in our custom made packing solution and then dispatched by Parcel Force and delivered anywhere in the UK or Europe for free. We offer a range of delivery service upgrades including Saturday & Sunday.

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