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There are multiple computer companies from where you can purchase the items you need, but when it comes to offering a wide range of manufactures and great prices, our offer is truly unbeatable. We have gathered a few reasons in regards to why you should choose a custom build from Computer Planet and why should you use us as your own computer hardware and software provider!

1. Widest range of options

When you ask us to build a system, you have the widest range of options that you will find anywhere in the UK. You choose exactly what components you want in your system. We build the system to your specification and test it for you. Then we ship it to you by courier to ensure that it is delivered to you safely and without delay. All this at a price comparable to or better than any off the shelf supplier.

2. Best prices!

Prices are very important when it comes to purchasing hardware, and we will bring you the best possible prices on the market. So whether you want a low cost system or to save on the cost of a more advanced system, have a look at our prices and you will find that they are the best on the market.

3. High performance systems

If you want a high performance system, we have the latest and most powerful processors and other components as soon as they are released by the component manufacturers. No need to wait for a new range to be integrated and released by the big name suppliers.

4. Quality components

We select only top quality branded components in the wide range that we offer. In a market full of shifting prices we even do the best price surveys for you. When you specify your system you can either specify the brand that you want for every individual component or you can choose one of our apparently unbranded options for your system, in which case we will fit a branded product but we will choose the one with the current best price/performance option on the market and you will make the saving.

5. Integration assured

As you go through our online system builder we use our skills and experience to make sure that the components you choose will work perfectly together. If you inadvertently choose an inappropriate combination our system builder will suggest alternate components that will give you a better configuration. Too often we hear of followers of Build your own PC articles discovering that the parts that they have bought just will not operate together. Let us take the risk rather than take a chance on ending up with an unmatched set of parts lying on your assembly bench.

6. Extended testing

When you buy a system from us it will have been thoroughly tested before it is shipped to you. Also, as a first step of the build, our team will always install the latest updates to your BIOS, drivers and operating system so that you will have an error free experience. We do all the technical stuff and leave you to get on with using your computer for whatever you want.

7. Multiple software options

We provide you with some of the best software options that you can find in the UK. No matter what type of product you are looking for, our wide range of products will allow you to find exactly what you need. The filters on our site will provide you with quick access to those items that you want to choose too, so the purchase process is fast and seamless. We will install the software on your system for you and wherever the software supplier allows us to, we will ship the suppliers CDs along with the system in case you should choose to rebuild your system at some point in the future.

8. Warranty

All the systems that we sell come with a standard warranty of 2 years, but we also give you the option to increase that to 3 years. If the system goes wrong in the warranty period, call us and we will either advise you on how to fix it yourself, or we will arrange for a courier to collect the system and return it to you as soon as we have fixed it.

9. Flexibility and experience

You can bank on our flexibility and experience whatever your needs. If you do not see what you want, give us a call. We regularly supply not only home computers and gaming systems but also supply rack mounted commercial systems, multi-screen trading systems, high performance graphics rendering systems and other specialised requirements. If you want we can even supply your system in your favourite football teams colours. Just ask.

10. We are an established company.

With more than 50,000 custom built PCs sold all over the UK and Europe since 2006, we are one of the largest computer hardware sellers in the UK. We also have by far the widest range of custom build options.

We are a limited company that operates from its own purpose built factory located in Warrington and we look forward to building a custom PC system for you.

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